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I'm testing this for possible application and I'm getting an unexpected error.

"An error occurred (BadRequestException) when calling the ExecuteSql operation: ERROR: invalid cluster id: arn:aws:rds:us-etc."

The documentation states that "-db-cluster-or-instance-arn (string) ARN of the target db cluster or instance"

That is an RDS instance arn that it is rejecting as a cluster id. The arn is a valid id for an RDS instance.

Is it unable to differentiate between cluster id's and instance arns without some kind of additional flag?

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    Currently, Data API is in beta for Aurora Serverless and is subject to change. [1] Since you are running the commands using an Oracle instance the command is not getting executed and is throwing an error of "invalid cluster id" as the command 'rds-data' is expecting an Aurora Serverless cluster id.

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